Signature Flavours


Strawberry sponge and buttercream with an intense flavour of real strawberries.  no artificial colours or flavourings used


Vanilla sponge with passionfruit buttercream and passion fruit soak – intense fruity flavour, no artificial colours or flavourings used

Coffee and Walnut

Walnut sponge with coffee buttercream and muscavado sugar and brandy soak.  Perfectly balanced


Decadent and not too sweet chocolate cake with chocolate sponge and chocolate ganache filling

White Chocolate

Vanilla sponge with white chocolate ganache and muscavado sugar soak – not too sweet and full of flavour.

White Chocolate and Cherry

Vanilla sponge with either dried cherries or cherry preserve, white chocolate ganache and a little brandy to bring out the cherry flavours.

Rose Water and Vanilla

Rose water infused layers of vanilla and rose petals cake with creamy vanilla buttercream

You can also have a flavour combination of the above, or invent a flavour – if you have a favourite dessert, for example banoffee pie, I will do my best to replicate it in a cake form

Other Flavours

We also offer the more traditional:


Vanilla sponge and buttercream.  There is also always the option of adding some strawberry or home-made raspberry preserve

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake layers with either vanilla or orange buttercream

Red Velvet

Red velvet sponge with either vanilla buttercream or white chocolate ganache


Lemon sponge with lemon buttercream – fruity with just enough zing

Fruit Cake

Soaked in Martell brandy